Monday, July 4, 2011

Technology in the classroom

 I am currently taking a class at Walden University called  Integrating Technology into the Classroom. I am very excited because I currently teach and I want to learn more ways to use technology to teach my kids. Unfortunately about six years ago, the internet was limited both in what it could do and in who used it. Many people had heard the word but did not have a clue what it was. Today, teachers have not only been exposed to the internet but also have access at home or at school. In fact, a large number of schools are being retrofitted to place the internet in every classroom. Even more exciting than this is the newest technology: Wireless. A school can purchase a 'Portable Classroom'. This consists of laptops networked together, allowing students to work at their desks WITHOUT wires. If the laptops are networked to a printer, students can print from their personal computer to the classroom printer. I this day in age I want to use every tool I can in my classroom to have my students as prepared as possible for the technology filled world.


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  1. Sounds awesome, double check your blog title though.